If during ramadan, have to travel, do I then fast till the time I am supposed to leave and then open my fast? For example, I am leaving the city I am residing in, around an hour before zuhr time, do I then break my fast when:
1- I have left my city
2- Or should I not fast to begin with if I am certain I will travel that day anyways and I will end up breaking it

Also, what about ruling for recommended fast. If I fast in sh’aban, and one day I have to travel, can I fast that day, and then break the fast upon my travel?

30 Also, can I choose to uphold my fast instead, or do I have to break it in both cases (during ramadan, and during a recommended fast?)

1- You should fast till you get a way from your cit by about 4 kilometers.
2- Yes, but it has no meaning if you are certainly traveling.
3- You can not uphold your fast if you travel before noon time. It automatically breaks in both cases.