If Islam doesn't discriminate people on the basis of gender then why does a husband has more status than wife such that to a wife her husband is next to God(majazi-e-Khuda) and if God would have allowed anyone to do sajdah for anyone other than him then it would have been the husband? I have read this in Islamic books and have heard from elders also that for a wife the husband is next to God, such that if god would have allowed sajdah for anyone it would have been for the husband . I want to know if this is true or not because in India husbands generally quote this that they are majazi-e-khuda and they have more status than the wife and also they quote the verse 4:34 where it is written that men are superior to women. The book where I read this is known as "Tohfatul Awaam ". It is in urdu. It is generally used for matters related to Islamic jurisprudence. Under the section of rights of husband and wife, there is a hadith mentioned which is attributed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that if god would have allowed sajdah for anyone apart from him than I would have ordered women to do sajdah to their husband.
Is this hadith authentic?

This is an exaggeration. In the eyes of Allah both are equal. In Islamic law the wife has more rights than the husband. We must not let the western ideology influence us wrongly, but rather study Islam properly from our ulema.

Yes the Hadith is there but it’s being used out of context. We have to see what the Quran says first. (4:34) does not say men are superior. It says they are maintainers of women.
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