If one has the money to go to either Hajj or ziyarah and they have never done Hajj or ziyarah of the Aimmah before. Which should take more precedence and priority
1. Is it wajib in this case for the person to do Hajj
2. Would they be sinning if they decide to go to ziyarah instead
3. If someone says “I don’t wish to go to Hajj because I don’t want to support Āle-Saud” is such excuse a valid one?

1- If the person is able to go to Hajj, it is wajeb on the person to do so. One cannot skip Hajj and go for Ziyarah. It would be a sin to skip the Hajj.

2- As for supporting the Saudis, one may not be directly supporting them and their policies, so one must still go. Secondly, we find that at the time of the Imams corrupt rulers would govern Mecca and the Imams still commanded their Shias to go to Hajj.