If one wakes up and finds out he has become junub, can he simply throw his clothes in the laundry, or must he try removing all the liquid before throwing his clothes to clean them?

Also, if one is in a state of junub, if, suppose his hands are wet, and he touches an object, does that object become najis or is it only the private part?

If one simply washes their private part then makes ghusl, is the water najis when it touches the person whose junub or is it only the private part when it is not washed?

1- You need to wash them from the fluid, before giving the to the laundry, except if you have automatic washing machine that washes at least 3 times, with rinsing and spinning in between.
2- Only the effected area is najis.
3- Only the private parts, if he uses little water, not a shower that is connected to big full drum.