I’m 19 years old and have been thinking about marriage for about a year thanks to your lectures. Lately I’ve been more serious about it…

However, I’m the youngest in my family and my parents kind of still sees me as their little child and since I’m doing good in school. Their view of me is a lot school related and a lot less marriage related and I’m not sure how to tell them I’m ready for marriage without it being awkward. I’ve never once ever talked about love or attraction to other men with my mother so it feels like a very hard step to take to tell her about marriage. How can I, in best way possible, tell her without it becoming an issue due to my young age and without it being awkward?

Insha’Allah you are well. Some recommendations:

1- When you approach your mother, show her that your decision is not emotional but rather intellectual. Tell her that you have been thinking about how Islam recommends marriage. How marriage completes religion. How marriage is an opportunity to raise good children. Tell her you want to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (s) because he knows what’s best for us. Be creative and effective in using these points. They could convince her Insha’Allah. Also, show her that you will stay committed to your education and that you have a plan to manage your education and marital life. This is important to your parents.

2- Have someone else talk to your mother on your behalf—like a friend, a sibling or a family member. Sometimes if someone else advocates for you it can be more effective.

3- Another alternative is to get to know the brother a little more to make sure he has a good character. Once you have verified that, just tell him to come and officially propose. I know this will sound awkward to you, but sometimes it does actually work. When parents see the man coming officially to them to propose, and he is not having a relationship with their daughter behind their back, they will know he is serious and not fooling around. There is a good chance they’ll accept. They might not want to rush it, but they’ll give you the opportunity.

May Allah facilitate it for you.