I’m a 14 year old boy with non-Muslim parents. I’ve been trying my hardest to pray 5 times per day, however I do so without my parent’s knowledge.

I now want to ask them for their permission so that I can stop hiding in my room or in the bathroom at salah times.

So my question is how I should ask them. I’ve asked before, but they didn’t understand why I want to pray and what the benefits are.

So what benefits can I mention to them so that they will be convinced that my salah will be positive in my life? What reasons are there that would be persuading?

What a difference trial. May God help you and be with you every step of the way.

Some recommendations:

1- Tell them prayer improves your mental health. It motivates you to study more, it gives you a positive mood, and it makes you more energetic.

2- Tell them prayer makes you more humble and more willing to help others.

3- Tell them prayer is a type of meditation and it brings you peace and happiness.

4- Tell the students who pray are happier than those who don’t. A study by Harvard proved this.

Hopefully some of these points will convince them.