I’m a woman who works in a mixed office for an Islamic organization … I was wondering if there are any etiquettes I should be abiding by. Is there anything recommended or disliked? For instance, if a male co-worker makes a harmless joke when speaking to me (let’s say about accounting, not something directed at me), would it be permissible to laugh? If I wear a very light perfume (because it feels hygienic) with no intention of having other men be able to smell it, is that disliked? If any non-mahram smiles at me when saying salam, is it disliked if I smile when saying salam back? …

I know softening of the voice is haram but what way do I speak? If I speak loudly/sternly on the phone then other men will be able to hear me but if I speak softly then it would be wrong for the non-mahram I’m on the phone with?

If any non-mahram comes in and requests a tour of the building, would it be disliked if I gave them the tour, since the building is generally empty?

Is it disliked for me to say salam first to non-mahram? …

There is no problem in any form of pleasant behavior (smiling, initiating conversation) as long as it is not meant to attract attention, the same goes for the ornamentation or perfuming. Softening of the voice usually applies when a woman is reciting something (e.g. religious poetry), it is not a criteria for ordinary speech.

If the actions I described above are overt and become a source of getting the attention or sinful thoughts then it must be avoided. But, in a professional atmosphere this should not be a problem with proper Islamic decorum.

It is permissible to give the tour if proper Islamic etiquette is observed and saying salam first is actually recommended