I’m following one hadeeth of Imams that is to eat less. Our imams have said one of the qualities of our Shia is they are thin because of less eating , they are pale due to night ibadat and dry lipped due continues zikr of Allah. Since I follow this from more than 18 months, now my body condition is I’m very lean, every bone of my body is out even my cheek bone are also out. Seeing this my parents, relatives all are requesting me to eat more at least let the bones of my body cover with flesh and my cheek bones hide. But alhamdullilah I’m strong and have no other health issues, the only thing is my parents want me to eat more and cover face and body bones. Now what shall I do listen to my parents or continue to follow hadeeth. Please guide me

Follow the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (as). Obeying your parents is above all that you have mentioned.