I’m involved in music and singing since childhood but my mother doesn’t support it. I really wanted to pursue it as a profession but now I want to quit it for mother. How can I convince myself that I really don’t want it and that I’m better off without it?
I want to completely get over the idea of ever going back on that track. I know it’s religiously a sin but somehow i need reasons and logics behind it to convince myself and I cannot find any. Can you please help me with that?

A man came to Imam Sadiq PBUH, and asked him to convince him that singing is haram.
Imam Sadiq said to him, I will ask you a question.
On judgement day, when the people will be separated to two groups, Jannah group and Jahannam group, where do you think you will find the singers and dancers?
The man said: In Jannam group.
Imam said: You judged it your self.