I’m thinking of making a daily habit of trying to do good deeds and gift it to my loved ones who are deceased. It’s a long list of people, so I was wondering in your opinion, what act can I do on their behalf which will bring them the most joy?
Should I for example read a surah for each one (if so, which small surah is best)? Should I do some salawat for each one, or maybe just do a quick Dua for each one? Is there something else you can think of they would appreciate more?
I’m guessing ideally I should perform a Salat for each person, but I think this will be too time consuming because there’s so many people I want to gift.

You can collectively do aamals for all of them with one intention to include them all, for e.g. you read Surah Fatiha and bequeath it to all of them.