I’m wondering if I can do tabdeeth of Sayed Fadhlallah to do muttah with my partner (my parents know about him)? His websites a bit confusing but from what I gather I (female) can do muttah without my fathers knowledge so long as I’m financially independent?

Can you please confirm this? Are there other avenues we can take to get into this without my fathers approval? We’re trying to make our relationship halal ASAP but issue is parents being unreasonable hence the need for muttah.

Financial independence in it self does not give you the right to get married without your father's approval.
S. Sistani's fatwa is that if your father gave you the right to marry your self, without referring to him, then, you still need his approval, on mandatory precaution basis, in which you can refer to a live marjaa, not a dead one.
However, if your father is not allowing you to marry the person who you want, with no reasons, then, you do not need his permission to marry.
My advise -if your father has no valid reasons to refuse- is to ask your partner to marry you normal permanent marriage, which should be legally authenticated.
*Do not ever get -as virgin girl- into a mutah relation*