Imam Ali a.s ka aur dusre Imam o ka darajja same he?

Is all Imam same in rank ?

If we see Prophet according to Quran, all prophet are not same because their responsibility was different. Some of them were a prophet for their own tribe and people while some had broader aims and propagation but few are owners of divine laws (Sahibe Shariat) and we call them 5 great Prophets.
But if you see Imamate, all Aimmah have same responsibility because all Aimmah are the successors of the Prophet (saww) at the same level. Therefore for us as followers, all Aimmah are equal but when we see our Aimmah’s views regarding each other, all of them give special respect and rank to Amiralmomenin Ali (a.s). For example our 6th Imam he says don’t call us Amiralmomenin because this title should be specified for Ali ( a.s) but it doesn’t mean other than Imam Ali(a.s) other Aimmah (a.s) are not Amir Al Momenin. So we can’t easily differentiate Aimmah because we are not in that position and according to the views of Aimmah we have to have faith in them.