In 2016 I came back home from Arbaeen ziyarat of Iraq and I found a ladies black chaador in my luggage during unpacking at home. I tried finding out if it belonged to someone in my group but couldn't find the owner. I used the chador on farsh e aza for majalis few times to cover the room floor. Meanwhile I asked again after a few months to whom it belongs. Can you please tell me if I should continue using it for farsh e aza or should I give it in charity as I am not sure if I will find the owner now.

As you have tried to find to real owner of Thad Chaddar so now when it is not possible it for to return it the its owner You may please give Sadaqah equal to that Chaddar’s cost to poor the use it. Or you may give the same chaddar to the poor on the behalf of its real owner.