In a world which we we are living in so different from the world which our Prophet and Ahlulbayt lived, there is so much of sin around and a lot of competition and difficulty to earn money in a halal way. Hw can we remember Allah constantly? Whenever I stand to pray, the worldy things getting in my mind. While reading Quran always my future bothers me that how to become rich to survive in this era. Please suggest me how to live a good religious life in this kind of world where people respect you on the basis of your richness and so much nudity on internet and so much of entertainment shows on tv? How can I be always attached to Allah because at the end we will return to him.

Being a practicing Muslim means you have to fulfill your obligations. Pray your prayers on time, try to contemplate about God every once in a while, remember the afterlife. If you do this, you will always have God in your heart despite the many distractions. As for halal wealth, you should know that having less wealth and it is halal is better than having more wealth which is haraam. At the end of the day, God will not leave you hungry. He created you and He will send you your sustenance.