In Al Firdaws Allah has given us gifts of beautiful palace, 2 wives, fruits, meat, rivers of water, honey, milk, water, wine and whatever your soul desires but whoever is in Firdaws will get a chance to see ALLAH twice daily, Once in the morning & once in the night. And a scholar said once you see Allah's face you will not desire for anything and you will forget whatever Allah has given you and will not have any desire. So if you see Allah's face in the morning and when you return home you will not have sex with your wife, eat & drink or think of anything because you are still thinking of Allah face and his praises. So my question is then what is the use of all the gifts he will be giving us in Al Firdaws if we are not going enjoy each and everything?

This is not correct. In heaven you will get all your desires and you can fulfill all those desires as we can read in riwayat