In my personal room and in my house where I lived with relatives who are not practicing and ignorant of Islamic ahkam, everything in it was najis, for example the carpet is najis, The floor is najis, the door and everything is najis and it gives me headache because sometimes I cannot pray in a day because of such occurrence and of course I feel worried because of it I am unable to perform my salah and salah in reality is my comfort, and the fact that I conclude that everything is najasat is not due to doubt, I know for sure for example the whole floor is najasat because I stepped on it with najis foot but I can’t clean and make the whole floor tahir because I would flood the room and people inside my house would think I am weird

You don’t have to clean the whole house for you to be able to pray. Find a space within the house, clean it and pray. If not at all, make a space in your own bedroom and then pray.
If this is no possible, then you need to go to the mosque and pray.