In one of your lectures you told that eating meat every day is not good and not recommended and we should eat it ocassionally and not on daily basis.
My question is, I have to complete my daily protein goal which is almost 100 grams which is difficut without taking chicken. Can I eat 200 grams of chicken everyday? That will give me 44g protein and rest I can fill with protein powder.

I know its a completely wordly thing, but I dont know what to do. What do you suggest?

Remember it’s not haram to eat meat everyday. It’s just Makrouh (not recommended). So it’s permissible for you to eat meat or chicken everyday. However, ideally you shouldn’t eat it everyday. Try to find other alternatives that meet your daily protein goals. Today there are many foods that have protein. Also, remember that our spirit/soul is more important than our physical life. Sometimes if you eat less, your soul becomes stronger. Have more spiritual goals.