In regards to my previous question, I have another. I have been trying to stop sinning for many years and my parents have been trying to find me a wife for over …. years. Unfortunately, I have still not been successful in finding a wife or quitting this sin although i feel I have been trying very hard to do so.

I do not understand why Allah SWT has not granted me my solution out of this wretched habit of committing this sin although I have been working hard to do so as mentioned above. Could you help me understand why that is? Am I doing something wrong on my part? What could be the reason Allah SWT has not granted me a wife or the ability to quit through some other means? Please help. I am ashamed to even discuss this although I am anonymous. Please pray for me.

If you have read the Holy Quran and have full faith in every verse being the ultimate truth carrying depths of meanings, then be sure that Allah is even helping you now but you are unaware. How can it be that Allah loves the repenters and purifiers, and He has not accepted your repentance?! Or how can it be possible that you are trying but haven't still got your results? It seems there's something wrong still and you're probably not doing your best to avoid the things that take you towards the sin.
Don't be despondent and keep on trying to follow the things i mentioned previously. There's answers to every thing in this life and more so to stop sinning because Allah wants us to be pure and has created us with a potential even above the angles.
Keep doing isteghfar and try your best to be in wuzu all the time. The fact that you hate your sins so much and are trying hard to stop, i can assure you that Allah loves you as per the tradition of Imam Jaffer Sadiq (a.s)
If you vow to Allah that you wont sin and in case you break it, take out a penalty for yourself eg fasting or a big amount of sadqa.etc, then slowly you will begin to stop the sins altogether and become pure inshAllah.
As for getting married, keep on trying to find the right partner and trust in Allah to make your marriage faster. Right now Allah probably wants you to cleanse yourself before entering into a relationship that will bring peace and harmony to your soul and have a generation of great people inshAllah.
I will surely keep you in my prayers.