In sura Taubah verse 100 it is said, "As for the foremost—the first of the Emigrants and the Helpers—and those who follow them in goodness, Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him. And He has prepared for them Gardens under which rivers flow, to stay there for ever and ever. That is the ultimate triumph."

Here it is said that Allah is pleased with the first of the Emigrants and Helpers. But from the history of Hijrat we know that, the first 3 caliphs of Ahl e sunnah was also among the first emigrants. So how it’s possible that Allah is pleased with them?

1- The Qur’an says من المهاجرين “from the Migrants.” The word من in Arabic has numerous meanings, just like in English. Here “from” means some of them, not all. It doesn’t say all of them. So the word من solves the problem

2- Look at verse 101. It says Medina is filled with hypocrites and so there were people from the Ansar who were hypocrites. Verse 100 definitely does not praise them

3- A person may be good then he deviates. As long as he is supporting Islam Allah is pleased with him. Later if he deviated he loses this status. Many companions lost this status.

4- There were early migrants who apostates and left Islam. Um Habeeba (who later became the Prophet’s wife) migrated to Habasha (Abyssinia) with her husband. Her husband became Christian there and she separated from him. So does verse 100 include her husband? Sunnis accept that he became Christian. It’s not a disputed matter.
Verse 100 is about those companions who were early migrants or helpers and stayed firm in their faith—not all of them.