In Surah 4:157, Allah mentions that Jesus Crucifixion was made to appear to the Jews, however, I have been researching online in regards to this verse and who was that Allah made to appear to the Jews in resemblance of Jesus, and I came across three situations or opinions as to what happened:

A. Some say that it was Judas.
B. Others say it was one of Jesus’ disciples.
C. Still others say that it was a Roman soldier named Titawus."

I’m completely confused on which one I should believe, and I was hoping that you could help me find the right answer, because my Christian friend is trying to prove to me the crucifixion and I brought this argument up is that it was Judas Iscariot was on the cross, but he replied as to saying that Judas hanged himself due to the guilt of betraying Jesus and therefore committed suicide whereas in a Shia Movie of Jesus made by Iranian producers it shows that Judas was the one crucified, I hope you can answer my question so that I can bring my Christian friend to the path of Islam, the path of Ahlulbayt.

Yes it’s most likely Judas
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