In the last year of my bachelor's degree, there was some issue at my home due to which I went into the phase of severe depression and as a result of that I became ill. My brain was just burning inside out and the rest of the body was very hot. I consulted the doctors and they suggested me to go for outing. I did that and the burning of the head stopped. But I knew that it wasn't the proper solution to my problem. I wasn't able to perform my Zikr o Ibadat because I wasn't getting happiness and satisfaction from that. While performing tahajjud (Namaz e Shab) I got scared every time. So I left offering my tahajjud. But my health was good. Now after 6 months the same burning of head and lot of pressure on brain started again. I went to a spirtual doctor, syed baba who was shia, for finding the solution to my problem. He said that I have an evil eye of a Jinn. He gave me some taweez. But stil I have some burning and pressure on my head. Also I was wearing a Feroza on my right hand but unfortunately I lost that ring somewhere. My mother told me that as I have lost my Feroza and now I am not wearing it so that's why this pressure and burning of head is occuring. Can you please tell me that what's wrong with me and what should I do now?
Can you please evaluate to tell me that is there any effect of an evil eye of a Jinn?
Please tell me some methods to get rid of this illness.

As it has mention in the Holy Quran
اَلا بذِكرِ الله تَطمَئِنُ القلوب
Lo! Remembrance of Allah (swt ) gives peace and tranquility to hearts.
But this remembrance should not be just by tongue rather it should be as if that a person feels the presence of Allah in all aspects of his life. There are many Zikr and Duas which can cause peace and tranquility. Please recite this zikr after your Salat 70 times:
سبحان الله و الحمد الله و لا اله الا الله و الله اكبر

ما شاءَ الله لا حَولَ وَ لا قوَّةَ إلّا باللهِ العَلِیِّ العَظیم
Continue your salat on its actual time Inshallah soon you will get recovery.