In the past few months I have been very heavily affected by waswasa which I think is making my mental and physical health worse. Most of it is entirely about salah and taharat. I've read every possible forum and it seems the simple suggestion is to ignore it all. But as you know the problem is being unable to ignore it. Is there any specific duas I could read so that I feel less under pressure. I feel scared to go do something as simple as relieving my bowels. It is slowly breaking down my entire belief and I've even started crying and felt like dying. I recently completed my phd thesis and I can honestly say that waswas feels like a bigger challenge

1. Try to go for an expert counseling
2. You should definitely try to ignore the doubts. Don’t entertain it at all
3. Qur’an is the best remedy. Try as much as you can not to forget recitation of the Qur’an daily before you out and before bed.