In the past few years I was committing a very sinful act (masturbation) this year I was able to stopped doing but I started committing it again. Now I also feel less guilt after committing this sinful act. I want to get out of this darkness can you tell me what I should do to get rid of this act and to build up my faith and patience?

Any addiction either good or bad it takes time to change it or come out from that. But the key solution is your firm determination so if you are weak in your decision it will be very difficult to leave it. Rely on Allah and continuously seek His help and make it clear that it’s very important for your life’s. Don’t worry and do few more things practically after asking help from Allah (swt)
1- Don’t be alone in a room
2- Don’t go the washroom unless you really need it.
3-Don’t touch your private parts
4- Dont listen or see any thing which can cause sexual excitement to you.
5-For few day don’t eat too much food. Stop eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner while still you feel hungry.