In this business we are like resellers of the products we don’t own via different channels (websites, social media platforms etc.).

It’s like a person/company owns a product and sell at a specific price. I do not own that product but I have audience/customers/traffic where I share that you’ll get this product on a specific price (greater than the original company price – profit margin). Once they place the order to me and pay me the amount, I forward the order to the parent company. The parent company will be responsible to deliver product to the customer.

This transaction is permissible under two conditions:
1- That prohibited things such as alcohol should not be sold through the website.
2- That the buyer knows that he is buying from another company and not from you, and that you are only intermediaries, you take a commission on the linking process, so the transaction is like this:
The price of the merchandise…
the total …..