Is it correct to say that girls who have reached the age of nine years are responsible for their actions and should be blamed for their sins? for e.g if a girl of nine years steals should be be held guilty for that? Because I’ve seen many girls of nine who are still not mature. Also if a boy of nine commits a sin he is not guilty but if a girl of nine years commits sin she is guilty and will be punished, so is this fair ? I know the age nine is the minimum age limit for puberty but if a girl is not mature at that age will she still be accountable?

Whether it is a boy or girl they are held responsible if they steal.

Puberty isn’t for common sense things. Puberty just means salaat and other obligations become Wajib.

A girl and boy have to both be praying by the time they are 7. According to the majority view it becomes Wajib for girls at 9 and boys when they go through puberty. They have to do it to the best of their ability.