Is it obligatory for women who are pregnant to fast in Ramadan?
Do you know if fasting is bad for the child?

Fasting is not obligatory on a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy, for whom fasting is harmful or for the child she carries. For every day, however, she should give one mudd (750 grams) of food to poor. In both the cases, she has to give qadha for the fasts which are left out.
Also, if a woman who is not in an advanced stage of pregnancy but fasting is harmful or unbearably difficult, fasting is not wajib on her. She must keep the qadha later and there is no kaffara on her.
In both case, if a woman fails to observe the Qadha of the missed fast until next Ramadhan, she must, as an obligatory precaution, give another kaffara because of delaying the Qadha