Is it permissible to eat tabarruk such as hand made sweets made by kafir? I stay in Hyderabad, India. Here at times momineen do nazr / fateha on sweets which are made by kafir. Since food made or touch by wet hands of kafir are haram. What shall we do when sweets hand made by kafirs are included in nazr or fateha? Should I eat it or throw it?

Kindly educate them that it is Najis.
And Ma’Sha’Allah hundreds of shops belongs to shia thousands are owned by Sunnis tell them to buy from there and make our economy stronger and it is hadiya to Ahlul bait as those who who are Tahir and Aayat Tatheer revealed for them.
Yes if it was Najis still not allowed to throw kindly out for birds.
Give respect to Tabarruk.