Is it possible for you to make an istikara for me in terms of my future?
I'm so worried about my future, I really want to become something, but due to some financial issues I couldn't study much, my dad died two years back, and I'm the only one who's earning at my home. Please let me know about what is coming up for me and my family. If you can provide me some Amaals, I can do that too.
I need a help for something else too, I like a guy, and he's a great Azadar of Imam Hussain؏, I never talked to him, he don't know me, but I want to marry him, but I don't know how to approach him and tell him about myself, and how can I marry him.

The main purpose of Istekhara is when a person is confused between two parallel options otherwise what will happen in near future other that Allah (swt) no body knows. Even it’s a great blessings of Allah that we don’t know about our future. Only recommended thing is that we should rely on Allah and leave our affairs on Him. Our duty in this life and in this duniya is to struggle. As for as your marriage concern take advise from your elders and after having satisfactory information about whom you want to marry you may proceed. But don’t do anything just emotionally.