Is khums owed on items I’ve had since before I became muslim, such as my truck? I acquired it 2 years before I became muslim in 2010 and ive never paid khums on it.

My friend is moving and is giving me her car. I have to pay khums on this car when i first acquire it, correct? Do I also pay khums on it every following year I own it for?

At the end of the year, I never have any money left over, but since I do acquire items as the year progresses, khums is still due on all those items that I acquired during the year, even if I don’t have any money left over at the end of the year, correct?

1- You don’t have to pay khums on your truck because your truck is considered an expense, and expenses are khums exempt. Khums is due on the profit we keep after expenses.

2- No you don’t have to pay khums on the car your friend gives you if you will be using it.

3- If you are using those items, then no khums is due on you.