Is reading Hadith books, or any book of the marja in the internet a hujjah? Like what if they are lying what if it’s all made up in the internet and we have to buy the book itself? What does Islam say regarding this? If I read a Hadith in the internet with its source given but I read it’s translation or even if I read it in the Arabic text but still not from a book itself can this be a hujjah? Like can we assume this is true? I hope I could ask properly what I wanted to ask InshaAllah

You have to be confident that the source you are reading is authentic. If you doubt a particular website, then you cannot take their content as Hujjah.

However, there are many trusted websites that give you confidence that their books are authentic.

As for the translation, it’s Hujjah only if:

1- You are confident the one who translated it did so properly. He understands Arabic and translated it well

2- The source is trusted and so you can trust the reference

If you are not confident, you must refer to the actual source to verify it, or have a scholar verify for you. Otherwise it would not be Hujjah