Is there any more videos that I can watch on Islamic Beliefs? One of the reasons why I’m trying to understand the concept of God is because I will be in a discussion/debate with a Christian who will be asking me such questions and I will need to defend myself into explaining to him the concept of God.

One of the questions that was posed, is that he asked me:

If God has no similarities to his creation, how does the creation get to know him? And in this question he’s trying to say that how does one know God and have a relationship when he has no similarities to us.

1) Yes you can also see out series in Islamic Beliefs:

2) We get to know God this way:

A- By seeing His power in the universe. We come to know how knowledgeable he is and how powerful he is

B- By knowing that he’s the opposite of his creation (he’s unlimited, he’s not physical, he’s not in need, and so on…)

C- We cannot know Allah’s essence because it’s unlimited and we cannot grasp that which is unlimited. So we cannot fully know God. It’s impossible.

D- God has described some of His attributes to us and He has shown us to have a relationship with him, so we go by what he teaches us