Is there only one angel of death to take the life of human beings in this world? How does he take their souls at the same time?

First of all, we would like to make a rational point that there are temporal and spatial limitations in the material world. But beyond the material world there is neither temporal or spatial constraint. In the material world, if someone was here, they could no longer be anywhere else. If it was at this time, it could no longer be another time. In fact, It is being held at a specific time and place. But in the world of non-material, this limitation does not exist at all. They are surrounded by time and space and are superior to time and space. Angel of death Izrael (pbuh) is also a non materialistic creature and does not have these limitations.
This point is clearly stated in the narrations. In some narrations, we are asked about Izrael, how can you take the life of one person in the east of the world and another life in the west of the world at the same time? He said: If you have a container, how do you feel about that container? You can touch any corner of the container. The whole earth is like a vessel to me that I can touch any corner at any moment where I want.
The next point is that Hazrat Izrael (PBUH) is not alone. He has angels under his command, that is, in fact, the “Wafat” of the souls is longitudinal. The main intercessor is Himself Almighty God. "Allah Takes the soul during the deaths". Then the agent of Almighty God is an angel named “Malak Al-Mmut”. Of course, the Malak Al-Mmut is the name of the Genger that we call all those angels (who takes the soul at the time of death), but Hazrat Izrael (pbuh) is the angel close to God who is the head of all the angels who are in charge of receiving souls. Hazrat Izrael (pbuh) also has many angels under his command who take the lives of human beings.
In the verses of the Qur'an, this matter is mentioned a lot: " توفته رسلنا " Our messengers take his soul, not Hazrat Izrael (PBUH). In some verses we have:
" إن الذین توفاهم الملائکة ظالمی أنفسهم "Those who’s soul angels have taken while they have oppressed themselves; There are many verses in the Qur'an that introduce the “توفی “ as angels. Therefore, Hazrat Izrael (PBUH) is not alone.
There is also the monotheism of actions (توحید افعالی) in the case of taking the souls. That is, they are along the line of Almighty Allah, Hazrat Azrael (PBUH) and the other angels, and it’s not that they are parallel to Almighty Allah. This is an opinion and this opinion does not contradict the first opinion. In any case, those who take the soul they follow the command of Hazrat Izrael (pbuh) and Hazrat Izrael (pbuh) follow the command of Almighty Allah.
So don't think that Hazrat Izrael (PBUH) is alone and if he is in one corner of the earth, how will he do in the other corner? At the same time, these words are for those of us who are limited in this material world.