Is this Hadith is Authentic?

If yes, than please send me reference or jo uska book me sahi urdu tarjuma hai vo please dijyega.

The Prophet said:

Guarantee six things for me and I’ll guarantee paradise for you:
When you speak, don’t lie
When you’re entrusted, don’t betray
When you promise, keep it
Guard your eyes
Withhold your hands
Protect your chastity

This hadith is mentioned in a book named "Nahjul Fasahat" which consists of short sayings of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
The Arabic text of hadith is as following:
اِضمَنوا لى سِتّا مِن اَنفُسِكُم اَضمَن لَكُمُ الجَنَّةَ اُصدُقُوا اِذا حَدَّثتُم و َأوفُوا اِذا وَعَدتُم و َاَدُّوا اِذا ائتُمِنتُم و َاحفَظوا فُروجَكُم و َغُضّوا اَبصارَكُم وَ كُفّوا اَيديَكُم؛

«نهج الفصاحه ص216 ، ح 321»
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