It' s regarding the household stuff of our deceased parents:
1-Whatever is the household movable item, like furnitures, crockery item, utensils, electronic item, etc after the death of parents does all this belongs to eldest son only or other heirs can take household item?
2- Regarding parent clothes, only the eldest have right for the father's clothes?
3- Only if the eldest son permit then only other can get?
4- Can the other heirs have right to take the cloth or anyother accessories which they have gifted their parents when they were alive (on their birthday or father or mother's Day)

1- No. All what you mentioned is for all the inheritors.
2- Only father's clothes are for the eldest son.
3- For the clothes, yes, because they are his property.
4- As mentioned, father's clothes and ring becomes eldest son property. All other things are distributed among the inheritors, according to shareea'a