It's been months since I feel this distance from God. It's a kind of distance I've never felt before. I have tried everything. From crying in the majalis to crying in solitude in front of God, asking for help from Imam Mahdi and Bibi Fatima but I would cry at night, yet I would either miss a prayer or get involved in some sin.I don't know where to go, what to do, who to seek help from. I'm tired of being away from God. I need him but I'm still not able to get him. I can't even pinpoint what exactly is going so wrong that my deperate call for Him at night to bless me with his Qurb and Marifah and forgive me is not answered and neither does that crying last.

The feeling and fear of being away from him stays, yet I still get involved in sins.
Please guide me

My sincere advice is that you need professional counselling. Seek a good Muslim counsellor to help you through your problem.