I’ve been engaged for 2 years with a man, and today we had an argument over something very silly but about a religious matter. He then told me that I either have to follow his marja3/scholar(whom I love and respect) or we have to breakup. I found myself in the matter of choosing between my fiancé and my religion, so I chose to stay with my scholar, so he broke the engagement.

But now I’m in huge regret. I just want to know if I’ve done anything islamically haram by avoiding this situation and following his scholar for the sake of the engagement. Or I made the right choice choosing my scholar over this?

You have the option to tell him that you will follow his marja however act according to your own marja. The issue however is that if someone is like this, meaning is intolerant to this extent on these kind of issues, from an akhlaqi perspective, he may have problems in other issues as well. It would be best for you to consult a counselor and if this marriage is in your best interest. If he is going to have a problem on these kind of issues, this marriage will not work and will not have good results. You need to think more about this.