I’ve been having trouble understanding what are the most recommended Surahs to read in the wajib prayers. Regarding the wajib prayers, I read that according to Sayed Sistani it’s best to recite Qadr in the first rakat and Tawheed in the second. I’ve seen others say the same (e.g. Khomeini), but then they also say for examples it’s best to read surahs like Qiyamah, Qashiyah, Naba, Insan for Fajr or for example Takathur, Nasr for Asr. So I’m confused out of all these recommendations, which choice is the most recommended?

In the Morning prayer, it’s recommended to recite Nabaa, Insaan, Ghashiya, and Qiyama (and Suras of similar length).

In Dhuhr and Ishaa, it’s recommended to recite A’la and Shams (and Suras similar in length).

In Asr and Maghreb, it’s recommended to recite Nasr and Takathor (and Suras similar in length).