Ive been making up my qadha fasts from Ramadhan
But today I realised that the times of fajr I was looking at yesterday and today were wrong.
For example yesterday i was eating until the time of fajr which i thought was 5:41 (the website was showing the previous days timings) when i checked later on it was actually 5:38.
Today without checking the time i assumed it would be 5:39 (as the day before was 5:41) so i ate till that time but fajr today was at 5:35.
We are usually told to wait about 10 mins before praying fajr to make sure the time has set in.
Are my fasts valid or shall I redo them? Because the fault lies with me. Also do i carry on fasting today or open it because I ate after fajr (but unknowingly)?

You carry on fasting and your fasts are valid as you ate unintentionally