Ive been reading many books these days and some on the topic of tawheed as well

I’ve been trying finding the answer to my questions in the books I’ve read so far but I couldn’t

Its a difficult thing for me but you can help me

I want to ask that when we say that Allah is everywhere and he is non physical so we all believe this with our sense and proofs

1. But when he is everywhere so does he touches things?

2. If he is everywhere so is it that everything is in him? Obviously he is not hollow or leaves some space.

3. If we believe that he is everywhere so how de we define them because when he is everywhere and non physical so nothing can touch him or neither he touches anything so it that everything is in him but he is not empty,

4.If he is with things than how?

5. And if he is apart from them than how?

No, As Imam Ali said: (Indeed, Allah Almighty, is the where of the where, there is nowhere for him, and he is greater than that a place contains him, and he is in every place without touching or contiguous)

Our minds are limited, and constrained by matter, so we cannot imagine what is beyond matter, and since He, Glory be to Him, is not matter, and no one knows what He is, we subordinate Him to matter to which our minds are subject. And from here, these thoughts and these questions come to us.