I’ve been wanting to buy certain books for a very long time. One costs $73.36 and the other costs $81.15, making the total $154.51 on two books. Would it be considered haram if I spend so much money on two books? These books are Shia Islamic books, therefore I’d be buying these expensive books for the purpose of knowledge, however, after I looked at the price, I felt like it would be Haram or I would get sins for spending so much on a book, when I could be using that money for other useful things like donating to charity or giving food to the orphans or providing for my parents. What do you think I should do?

As long as these books are beneficial and help you seek knowledge and get closer to Allah, then this would not be wasteful. There is nothing more important than spending on seeking knowledge. Go ahead and buy them and increase your knowledge and Allah will reward you, and whenever you get the opportunity, donate to charities as well.