I’ve been wondering how it is that the Prophet and Imams are above people and got such privileges. Isn’t it that everyone should be equal? And isn’t it that a rank in the eyes of Allah should be earned and not just given. It seems a little unfair to put someone above the rest just cause you MADE them infallible. You MADE them perfect. They didn’t become it, since that is literally impossible. Also if there was a test before which showed they WERE actually better. How is it that we’re going through another test? Wasn’t that one enough to show who goes to heaven and hell? Besides how did they know what their lord asked from them? Since there were no Prophets or Imams in the previous test. Also if there was another test it really ain’t fair that we don’t remember or know about it. Since the reason we have to go through this one consciously, is so that we know where we end up is because of our own choices in life.

Everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah, means that everyone has an equal opportunity to reach God and attain his satisfaction. Everyone is tested by God, the prophets are tested and the normal people are tested.

In fact the test of the prophets and Imams are more severe and more difficult than the test of normal people.

The reason they were chosen as Prophets and Imams is because God knows through His knowledge (which is not limited by time) that these prophets and Imams are the greatest and most obedient of Gods creation. We are limited by time and place so we know who the victor of a test is after the test results come out. Allah created time and place so Allah knows who the victor is even before the test.

The reason the Prophet and Imams are greater is because of the knowledge they have. They have been given the knowledge by God because they accepted the knowledge. We all have access to signs of God and knowledge but we look past these signs most of the time. The prophets and Imams have knowledge, however they are also tested based on their knowledge, that is why their tests are more severe.

God tested the souls in a previous realm, and tests is again to show us and prove to us on the day of Judgement our own actions. Although He knows who goes to heaven or hell, our actions will be displayed in front of us so no one questions the Justice of God.
Just because we don’t remember the test doesn’t mean we were not tested. We forget a lot of things in this life, it doesn’t mean that didn’t happen. Also, the test in the previous realm was a simple test not something as extensive as in this life.