I’ve committed a lot of gossip in the past.

I’ve been trying to recently clean my mistakes, and I’ve been reaching out to people.

But I wanted to ask, if I was talking with someone, and I say a word which insults someone else’s mother, but this word is intended as an insult to the person and not his mother.

1) Do I have to reach out to the mother too to ask for forgiveness?

2) If I reach out and people don’t forgive me, is there any chance that I can be forgiven? Or does it mean I’ll be punished 100%?

3) I know that I used to insult a lot, but I don’t specifically remember insulting such and such person, but knowing myself, I know that I more then likely did, do I reach out just to be sure?

4) If me reaching out to ask for forgiveness may cause some bad consequences for me and someone else, should I still do it?

5) If I can’t reach certain people, what do I do?

1- If reaching out to the mother and telling her that will upset her and turn her against you, then don’t do that. Ask Allah to forgive you, and then offer a good deed on her behalf so Allah fully forgives you.

2- If they don’t forgive you, Allah can still forgive you 100%. He will make them satisfied on the Day of Judgment such that they’ll forgive you. So if you truly repent Allah will forgive.

3- Do good deeds on behalf of all those whom you insulted then ask Allah to forgive you.

4- If it causes bad consequences then avoid it.

5- Do good deeds on their behalf.