I’ve decided to follow the ahlulbayt. After my agnostic days I was very anti religion anti Islam but when I was introduced with karbala tragedy which I never knew of I questioned religion specifically shiite Islam though [DELETED] today are considered “moderate” and are persecuted by salafi muslims they still are anti shia and coming forth to my parents it’s going to be a problem. My parents may do some practises like salaawat for Fatima Zahra (AS), there’s still elements of anti “ithna asheri”. Somali shias did exist(still do) during the tradings with Persians and there was a functioning shia mosque in Somalia but very few attended and with communism ruling religion practices was a no. My issue is prayer how can I deal with prayer when family prays in the [DELETED] way and I want pray the shiite way with a muhr?

You can pray behind them but with the intention of singular salat and prostrate on something permissible to prostrate on for example a straw mat or piece of straw and show them the narration in the books which show the prophet (s) prayed on this item. If you can not prostrate on anything permissible then repeat your prayer in private where you can use the mohr. These are some options and i hope your situation eases.