I’ve met someone online and he’s wanting to come visit me and I’m not sure how I’d tell my parents or anything. I want to do mutah with him just so I can go out with him and talk to him and get to know him but I’m not sure how I’d approach my parents because they’re really close minded and the subject of mutah is often looked down on but I’m doing it just to get to know the guy because he is in a different country and traveling a long way to see me is such a hassle and I want to make the most of it and I don’t want to do it behind my parents backs because I value both relationships

You should seek parents approval and it’s not a good idea to do it behind their back
Have Tawakkul on Allah and place trust in Him
Maybe if the say no ask a relative or a local scholar to speak to them
Try to be calm but rational. Explain the circumstances to your parents. Give sadaqa and do much Dua