I’ve recently heard that delaying isha salah has been advised by the prophet Mohammed (saw), just want to clarify the authenticity of this.
Furthermore, I’m a revert into the school of ahlul bayt and my family don’t know and they come from a very strict Sunni background. I know in terms of salah I can perform it under taqiyah but conscious about fasting because I end up breaking it at their Maghreb timings. Also I’ve met a shia man and I really want to make it halal between us but don’t know how to go about this because I’m still living with my parents I.e. I’m not independent and I’m still a virgin- these are the conditions I’ve seen where I don’t need the permission of my wali; and my family will never accept a shia man.

1. Delaying isha salah is ok if it’s within time frame of its recommendation, as the Prophet used to combine and separate prayers in different occasions

2. Yes you can break fast with your Sunni family by taqiyya (some Shi’a marajie allow it)

3. Ayatullah Hakim allows temporary marriage without sexual intercourse without need to take permission of father. You can follow him in this ruling. Please be advised on the strict condition as above