Kindly refer to the link sent in previous question. I think your answer to my question is not relevant. The question relates to abortion.

Miscarriage is different than the abortion in the Islamic frame of reference in killing a child. The one who causes such killing must give diyah to the heir of the killed child. If the husband was the cause then he should and if the wife was then she should and if both were, then they both should give the diyah money to the heirs.
The ruling you referred does not differ from what I said. In case the mother aborts the child, she must give the blood money (Diyyah) to the father or other heirs. And if the father carries out the abortion, the blood money (Diyyah) is obligatory on him and he must give it to the mother. If it is the doctor who carries out the abortion, it is obligatory on him to give the blood money although he may abort the child on the parents’ request, (though they would share in the sin). He must give the blood money except for when the heirs exempt him.
It would suffice for the blood money of the fetus into which soul has entered to give 525 mithqals of silver. That is when the fetus is male and if it is female, half of that amount should be paid. As a measure of obligatory precaution, the Diyyah of the fetus which dies in the womb is also the same.