Magic is mentioned in the Quran many times. Also the story of two angels who taught magic to people as a trial from Allah(set) in Babylon. I become Muslim because it made sense(any many other reasons) but magic seems so far away from the reality of this world. It seems like this is just a fable how can magic be real?

Magic as in the tricks that are simple games is not what y he holy Quran is referring to. Rather it’s abilities through knowledge and connections with other realms that allows one to do what the average person could not do. Quran for example in the story of prophet Musa (pbuh) with the magicians says that what they did caused illusions to people’s eyes to believe that the ropes turned into snakes. Where as Musa’s (as) turned into a snake as a miracle from God. God can change the process of creating a snake from an egg to a cell evolving within the staff at a rate different to our perceived norms