Many of our youths are in doubt about powers of AhlulBayt and how these holy personalities can be called for help by millions of people at once etc. They also don't believe that AhlulBayt had special powers. Please guide with Qur'an and ahadees so solid proof can be given to them.

1- Sura Naml, verse 40, confirms that the one who had “some knowledge of the book” was able to bring the throne of Bathsheba from Yemen to Palestine. The Imams had the full knowledge of the book (see Ar-Ra’d 43). Therefore, Allah Has granted them extraordinary powers.

2- Satan, who is God’s enemy, can see and hear millions of people at once and whisper to them and misguide them. If Allah gave His enemy such powers, He won’t give it to His representatives and His best creation?

3- The Qur’an confirms in 3:169 that those who die in His way are not dead. They are alive and have special Rizq. The Imams all died in the way of Allah, and so we can ask them to help us from the Rizq Allah has given them.

4- Sura Tawbah verse 105 confirms that the Prophet (s) and the believers (the Imams in our Tafsir) see our actions.