Maulana, I am having a discussion with some of my cousins regarding Quran and Shia creed. They are all Sunnis (Salafi). Their question is most of the sunni muslims follow the recitation of hafs narrated by Asim. The chain of narrators of the Quran are authenticated in Sunni books. But they could not found any proper authentication of these narrators in shia sources. Some sources, for example- in Mu'jam Rijal al-Hadith, Rijal al-Kashshi, Ayan al-Shia they are mentioned but not praised as truthful, trustworthy or good memory. As far as I know Hafs learned the quran recitation from Asim and Asim learned from Abdur Rahman al-Sulami who learned from Imam Ali (as) and they were all Shia narrators. But they are refuting the claim and saying that Shias have taken quran from Sunnis. My questions-

1. We all know the Quran that is in our hand is in perfect form which was revealed to the Prophet (sa). But what is the proof that it is in perfect form? How do Shias authenticate this?

2. Is there any different chain of narration of the Quran for Shias different than Sunnis?

3. Shias also follow the hafs qirat and this is the most pure qirat. But how do I prove to my brothers that the narrators were Shias? Is there any specific valid reference?

This is a recent propaganda that Wahhabis are flagging against Shias. There is no Sunni chain of narration which lists all the transmitters followed by whole Qur’an as is now. If the say they have the chain of narration of Qur’an that should look like Bukhari and Muslim’s Ahadith which follow the actual words of Hadith at the end.
If they have any Riwayat of that kind ask them to produce.
In fact I asked that Salafi to forward me any Sunni chain of narration for Qur’an itself (not the Qirat) and he was dumbfounded.
Qur’an’s authenticity is beyond these nonsense arguments.
Chain of narration Is required for the traditions not for Koran. Quran is Mutawwatir, and Mutawaatir doesn’t require any specific kind of narration.
Furthermore we have our holy imams ,the successors of prophet Muhammad (saww)who continued to exist all the way from the demise of the messenger of Allah in 11 AH all the way till 260 AH, who always recited this Koran referred to this Koran and asked all the people to read write memorize the Quran as is now. This is the greatest authenticity and validity of the Quran for both Sunni and Shia Muslims.