Maulana the parents (father and mother) are not alive of brothers and sisters. THE PROPERTY IS IN NAME OF 1 BROTHER (not alive, not married so no heritage) .As it was joint family surplus cash amount was contributed to best level in property by other brothers. My question is that what will be the share of brothers and sisters…? Our confusion is as Under : As all brothers contributed in property, brothers divide property into 4 parts, the 4 th share of mahroom brother to be divided in respect that brothers get 2 part and sister get 1 part OR it would be Division from full property in ratio that brothers get 2 part and sister get 1 part.

farz kijiye wo property 500 rs ki thi to 4 brothers ko 100 rs each aur 2 sisters ko 50 rs each to pahle hi mil chuka jab wo bhai bhi alive tha ab jab wo bhai nahi hai to uska jo 100 rs hai usko us method se divide karenge jo maine bataya ki brothers 25 and sisters 12.5